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Start with a fresh Raspberry image. Confirmed working images:

Bullseye release

Raspberry organisation just released (01.11.2021) new bullseye image wich is not yet compatible with UAVcast. Please use the previous buster releases from the links bellow:

Looking for other boards!

We are currently building UAVcast-Pro for other architectures and OS. Check out our beta section

See the for installation instruction.
Continue to install UAVcast-Pro as described in the installation section

UAVcast-Pro installation

You can install the latest version of UAVcast-Pro by pasting this command into you RPI shell.

curl -s | sudo bash

After the installation there will be validating proccess to verify that all component has been loaded successfully. You can now access the webinterface using the RPI ip or Host name address in your browser. http://raspberrypi/

For Navio+ and Navio2 boards, please use the installation procedure below:

'emlidtool Example'

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