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Ground Control

'Ground Control'

Add Telemetry and video destination end-points. You can add as many end points you want.


Destinations only applies if you have selected UDP protocol for telemetry or video.

Enable / Disable switch

You can choose which end-points should be enabled. Convenient if you want to save a destination for later usage.


Set a unique name for you destination.

UDP Host

Destination (GCS) IP or DNS name. (uavcast will stream telemetry or video towards this end-point)

Telem Port

  • Options: 0 - 65536

Port you want to use for telemetry. Default is 14550.

Video Port

  • Options: 0 - 65536

Port you want to use for video. Default is 5600. Mission planner and QGroundControl supports video on port 5600 by default.

Enable / Disable Telemetry switch

Enable or disable telemetry for each end-point.

Enable / Disable Video switch

Enable or disable video for each end-point. Only one video destination allowed.

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