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Developer Guide


  • Express nodejs (Typescript)
  • Typeorm && sqlite3 database
  • React (Typescript)
  • Semantic-ui-react
  • graphql / type-graphql && codegen


These packages needs to be installed

  • Docker
  • Docker Compose
  • Visual Studio Code

Github repository

Open the repo with Visual Studio Code

Upon opening, you should be prompted to open the project in a remote container. This will build a container on top of the base uavcast container with all the development dependencies installed. This ensures everyone uses a consistent development environment without the need to install any dependencies on your host machine.

If vscode does not start the remote container automatically, use hotkeys: Ctrl + shift + p and select Remote-Container: Rebuild and Reopen container

After starting the container for the first time, it will install some additional package, give it few minutes to complete. install

Run uavcast from the command line

VSCode will start the docker compose file for you and open a terminal window connected to /app/uavcast folder.

:heavy_minus_sign: Run cd backend && npm install\ :heavy_minus_sign: Run cd frontend && npm install\ :heavy_minus_sign: Run npm start from the project root to start both frontend & backend.


Uavcast uses a supervisor container to manage the application update ect. Supervisor is not needed for development. To run the supervisor, type cd supervisor && npm install && npm start from the uavcast project root.


After closing VSCode, you may still have containers running. To close everything down, just run\ docker-compose down -v to cleanup all containers.

Making changes

Do not make large sweeping changes. Open a discussion on GitHub for any large or architectural ideas. Ensure lint passes. npm run lint This command will ensure basic conformance to styles, applying as many automatic fixes as possible, including Prettier formatting.

Build docker locally

Use these commands in the project root (!not in the vscode developer container). Type ./ + arguments to genereate local docker image, or you can publish to your own container registery.

Example external publish:

./ --version 5.x.x --build_gcc --build_frontend --build_backend --docker_publish

Example local build:

./ --version 5.x.x --build_gcc --build_frontend --build_backend --docker_local


Map Dashboard

uavcast is provided under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0.

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