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Flight Controllers

  • All Ardupilot boards, Pixhawk, APMx, Cube.
  • Navio+ and Navio2

Supported Raspberry Pi board

  • Pi0w
  • PI 2
  • Pi 3


Pi0w runs fine with UAVcast-Pro, however the CPU usage will be between 50 > 100%. If you intend to use other programs with UAVcast-Pro then Pi3 version is recommended.

Extra power supply

Its important that Raspberry Pi gets voltage between 4.8 and 5.3v. If you use LTE modem, then external power supply is needed to keep the voltage within the limits, oterwise the RPI could shutdown by itself.

This is one solution, where we attach the power directly to the USB +/- pins, and one wire to the RPI fuse. The latter will make sure RPI is booting automatically when powered.


Make sure you connect the modem to correct USB port where external powersupply is connected.

'raspberry power supply'


UAVcast uses modem manager and network manager to control the LTE connection. Check out this page to find supported modems, Supported modem

HiLink or Stick modems

Some Huawei USB modems have a mode called "HiLink" which provides for "driverless" installation on Windows, Macintosh and Linux computers. These modems usually have the HiLink logo marked on the outside, or have letter H in the model name. Example E3372H.

Stick modems is a regular modem where you need to send AT commands to establish a cell connection. UAVcast have all the connection stuff you need integrated.

HiLink Advantages

The big advantages being that the connection time is very fast and hassle free. A HiLink modem uses a web browser to access the modem settings.

It acts more or less like a plug and play modem, you dont need to configure any parameters in UAVcast-Pro or Raspberry Pi.

HiLink Disadvantages

Hilink modems does not support Port Forwarding out of the box. You certanly almost everytime need to flash new firmware to access the Port Forwarding meny in the modem web interface.

However, if you use VPN connection then HiLink is a perfect choice as VPN does`t not require any port forwarding.


There are several cameras that works with UAVcast-Pro,

  • PiCam
  • Logitech C920
  • Logitech C615
  • Other may also work. search for (camera type) and gStreamer.

PiCam is a perfect camera for this type application and provieds 1080p video. If you want to use another camera not listed, then make sure it has Hardware Encoder integrated to get the best quality.

Mission Planner and QGroundControl supports video stream by default on port 5600.