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Raspberry Pi Image

Start with a fresh Raspberry image, you find images at site.

Confirmed working images:

  • Raspbian Stretch Lite
  • Raspbian Stretch With Desktop

Follow the installation instruction given on their site for the specific image you want to use.


For Navio flight controllers, install image provided at before continue the installation procedure.

UAVcast-Pro installation

For UAVcast Pro, you will get a download link by mail after you have purchased the product. You need to copy the xx.tar file to your raspberry pi.

  • If you are using Desktop image, then just open a terminal window and follow the instruction below.
  • For non-desktop images, you can use SSH client like Bitevise tunneller to establish connection to raspberry pi.

Open a shell or terminal window and navigate to the same folder as you saved the file, normally home/pi or home/pi/Download then you need to extract the package by using typing this command

sudo tar -xvmf UAVcast-Pro_vx.x.x.tar

Now you need to navigate to the UAVcast-Pro installation folder

cd UAVcast-Pro/install

Then start the installation by typing

sudo ./install

The installation time is approx 10min on a Raspberry Pi version 3

When the installation is complete, it will run a validation check, please make sure that you have all green OK status. Now you are able to connect UAVcast-Pro by typing the RPI ip in your web browser.

Installation video can be found here


If you are installing UAVcast-Pro version 1.1.0 or older, you need to place UAVcast-Pro_v1.x.x.tar in home/pi, otherwise it will not work. Version 1.1.1 or later supports global install can be installed from anywhere