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Ground Control

'Ground Control'

Add Telemetry and video destination end-points. You can add as many end points you want.


Destinations only applies if you have selected UDP protocol for telemetry or video.

Enable / Disable switch

You can choose which end-points should be enabled. Convenient if you want to save a destination for later usage.


Set a unique name for you destination.

UDP Host

Destination (GCS) IP or DNS name. (UAVcast-Pro will stream telemetry or video towards this end-point)

Telem Port

  • Options: 0 - 65536

Port you want to use for telemetry. Default is 14550.

Video Port

  • Options: 0 - 65536

Port you want to use for video. Default is 5600. Mission planner and QGroundControl supports video on port 5600 by default.

Enable / Disable Telemetry switch

Enable or disable telemetry for each end-point.

Enable / Disable Video switch

Enable or disable video for each end-point. Only one video destination allowed.

Port Checker

Checks whether or not the destination telemetry port is available. It is useful if you have issues with NAT and unsure if necessary ports is opened. Not 100% reliable, but most cases will give you a good indication