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Not able to open web interface

  • Make sure you use latest raspberry image. Older version might be incompatible.
  • You can type journalctl -u UAVcast-Web.service --since yesterday in the rpi console to get more debug information.

Where can i download latest version?

Cannot activate UAVcast-Pro license

  • Make sure you have proper internet connection for your RPI. During the validation, RPI needs to contact license server for validation.

Installation validation fails.

  • Make sure you use a supported raspberry image as decribed in the installation instructions.
  • For other installation issues, please navigate to UAVcast-Pro/install folder and copy the Installation.log to your computer. Create a new discussion in our forum and attach the file.


Im not able to receive video or telemetry

  • Make sure you have added video and telemetry port to your firewall rules.
  • Verify that you have proper connection with your flight controller. You can run the connection test from the Flight Controller page.
  • If you have changed the default ports for video 5600 or telemetry 14550 you need to change this on your ground control station device as well.

No Mavlink Heartbeats received in UAVcast-Pro

  • Make sure the configuration in UAVcast-Pro Flight Controller page reflects the settings in the Flight Controller. You can see the FC setttings using Mission Planner => All parameters list => search for Serial0 (USB) or Serial1 (Telem1 port) or Serial2 (Telem2)
  • Make sure you are using a good USB cable with large cross-sectional area to minimize the voltage drop supplied to Fligth Controller.
  • If you are connected by GPIO pins, make sure you have connected the ground, rx, tx wires correctly.
  • Make sure you use default configuration in Flight Controller (Ardupilot, Px4) for UART / Telemetry ports.

Cant receive video, but telemetry works

  • [PiCam] Please make sure you have enabled PiCam in the Raspberry config raspi-config
  • [Logitech cams] Check logfiles and see if there is any errors. If you see Internal data stream error its most likey a unsupported resoultion or fps. Try play with those settings.

Other Application issues.

  • If you experience any issues with UAVcast running on your Raspberry, please Navigate to the UAVcast page and press "Download Logfiles" button. This will download a zip file containing all logs related to UAVcast and its running components. Log content will only contain application data and not user data.

    Create a new discussion in our forum and attach the zip file, or mail it to our support department